Life Coaching: Getting your mojo back!

Do you want to feel more confident and more YOU than ever? I’m here to help, let’s get your mojo back! This is what my clients are saying about my Life Coaching program experience!

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Melissa’s courageous and imaginative personality and teaching style is powerful and energizing. She will arm you with the confidence and enthusiasm to explore your physical boundaries and unleash your unique self-expression, which will radiate from your sessions into your personal life. If you want a fun, nonjudgemental and results oriented coach, Melissa is the one.

Danielle L. , Dancer, Yogi, and Actress 

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When I first spoke with you, I knew in my heart, I found the right person. I thought to myself, this person is going to help me. This person is asking me all the right questions and it was only my consultation ! But honestly, from the start, I could feel how genuine you were and I was very hopeful for what was to come.  Hiring you as my life coach is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

Mel, you are absolutely amazing at what you do. You really are! You helped me get my power BACK! You helped me see who I really am and pushed me to get to the real truth. You taught me all the right tools to handle difficult situations. You gave me new perspectives to use in my everyday life that really worked for me and you were able to help me identify the self sabotaging beliefs I wasn’t even aware of.

Working with you brought to light what I truly wanted in life and you helped me find the confidence in myself to go for it. Working with you changed my life. When people ask me what did I do, I tell them about you. There are no words that express how much I appreciate you and your genuine care in helping me. I look forward to all the possibilities and I always keep my tools on deck with the right perspective.

You encouraged me and believed in me and I am so grateful for you!! I know that you will make an impact on so many lives guiding them to their truth and happiness on the path of least resistance.

Brittany D. , Fashion Creator, Runner and Mentor


Our phone calls showed me that letting go from things that feel almost impossible can be easy,

In  only 40  minutes your coaching was a vessel of unmeasurable transformation. You helped me free myself from mental imprisonment. I was able to free myself from something I’ve been carrying for over ten years–an old story that has held me back from experiencing the freedom, love, beauty, growth

I experienced and continue to embody quantum leaps because you helped me empower my truth, my heart, my sacred.  I am now walking/talking/dancing life in freedom, released from over-resistance, free from over-obsessing how others may/may not perceive me, free from self-pressure to do things at a standard of perfection, free from pressure to do things to receive an expected result. I am experiencing true alignment, things I want come to me easy, I experience freedom, ease and joy when I dance because I my attention is focused on my learning, growth and spiritual manifestation of the movement.  I am kinder to myself because I’ve let go of expectations, I am in alignment with my vibrations and all of my actions are done out of love and receptiveness to the great mystery. I AM at peace.

Natalie A. , Dancer, Yoga Teacher and Creator


Melissa is very energetic and unwavering… she pretty much shocked me into caring about my career more. When I needed guidance finding a job after graduating college, she made me realize I had a lot more to offer than I realized before and made me more think about what I needed to do to get a wonderful job in the arts world, which I got shortly after!

  Vivian H. , Artist, Sales at GlassyBaby

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.39.55 PMMelissa is an incredible person and I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her! She is positive, caring, and lives by her own rules. I’m inspired by her dedication to self-growth and her dedication in helping others achieve that as well.

In a short span of a month, she’s already helped me tackle some personal obstacles such as a big career change. I had a lot of fear and anxiety about it but Melissa helped me reframe the way I thought about it. By implementing small changes, I saw drastic results. Melissa explains things in ways that are easy to understand and easy to apply.

Not only that, she also always held me accountable to my goals or new changes I wanted to implement. So it wasn’t just talk but actions, which lead to results!  I would recommend Melissa with my entire heart!

Kaylin C. , Interview Guru and Ice Cream Expert 

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 7.49.45 PM.pngMelissa’s combination of positivity, honesty, and confidence is ultra-inspiring. She’s an expert in getting down to the root of what’s holding you back and she’s been an essential component in getting me more in touch with my physical and mental health, taking a step by step approach towards accomplishing my goals, all while reminding me to acknowledge the present moment and how much I have to offer. Every session with her has been incredibly productive and encouraging.

KayLynn B. , Graphic Designer and Dog Walker

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.28.34 PM.pngJust had my first call with Mel and I have to say…wow! I could feel her energy through the phone. She is someone who has a natural gift with sensing where someone is at on their path and how to get them unstuck, with practical advice on how to do so. I’ve seen therapists before and this is quite different. It’s more results focused and future-focused instead of dwelling on problems. Excited to begin this journey of self discovery with her. Highly recommended! Thanks Mel!

Marissa C. , Painter and World Traveler

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Melissa is a marvelously positive human who has the ability to genuinely lift your spirits, invigorate and challenge you, and make you feel like anything you wish to achieve you WILL achieve! Her generosity with her time and energy make her reliable, dependable, motivating, and INSPIRING! Thank you, dear Melissa, for always healing my thoughts pathways and helping me to dream BIG!

Marissa B. , Children’s Art Teacher and Singer

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.13.40 PM.pngMelissa caught me in a moment when I had all but given up on relationships. She gave me advice on my love life at a time when I didn’t realize I needed it. Melissa told me that I needed to open my heart to romance and let people in. A week later, I met a guy who was quite persistent. I normally would have passed on him. Instead, I gave it a shot. 3 years later, I live with him in San Francisco and just spent holidays with his family. I’m very grateful for Melissa’s guidance. She’s not shy about saying what’s true – and that’s what many of us strong, independent women need to hear.  I’m very thankful.

Mary F. – Entrepreneur and Runner

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.23.14 PM.png

“Melissa has a passion and spirit that is contagious. She helped me start unlocking a side of me I had been  hiding, and was able to do so even over Skype. My advice is to do the homework she sets!”

 Meghan S.K., Social Investor and Salsa Dancer

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With Mel’s gentle encouragement, I learned how to build confidence in my body, find joy in foods I scoffed at before…I can say this is the best investment I’ve made for myself, and her holistic practices have made the journey a mindset change rather than just a habit

Hanna M. , Marketing Guru and Salsa Dancer

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.57.59 PMMelissa has an amazingly positive energy and zest for life that helps to motivate others on their path. Her abilities to analyze a situation and work out healthy positive options to help others reach their full potential is truly inspiring. She establishes goal-oriented objectives so one can see progress on one’s path towards a more holistic lifestyle. She also never forgets the little details that show she truly cares and encourages a person to dream and follow their dreams. It is truly inspiring to have someone living their dream and working with you towards yours!

Liz M. , Teacher and World Traveler 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.57.07 PM.png

As someone who has experienced different forms of therapy, life coaching was my first and probably boldest move in healing. Melissa would bring me back on track on the purpose and the “why” of it all. And while there were challenges in healing trauma, Melissa was able to be flexible and honor my flow, story and my approach.

It is hard work. Not going to lie about that. I didn’t realize how many more barriers existed. However, it was a challenging way that brought a lot of growth and realization.

Karla F. , Dancer , Activist and Cultural Liaison 

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.05.45 PM

Ever since I started working with Mel, my creativity and professional/personal life has soared. I’ve started my yoga/wellness blog, writing multiple posts a month, jumped even deeper in to my photography and treated myself with authentic self-love within my yoga teacher training and wellness professional journey. She is inspiring in me the courage to live my most beautiful and authentic life, and this is the purest form of freedom in my opinion.

Our sessions are full of positive energy, power and creativity. As someone who lives in the flow, she encourages the same of her students, enabling them to find freedom and liberation from within. She even went as far as providing yoga materials/books to aid me in my yoga teacher training journey!

Kremi A. , Yoga Teacher, Writer and Mermaid-Live-Music-Enthusiast 

Working with Mel, I was able to start seeing my future as a series of opportunities. She encouraged me to really look at myself on a deeper level, to rekindle the self-confidence and self-love that seemed to have faded from my life.
Mel has helped me build a stronger, more powerful connection with myself. I am learning to trust that whatever I desire is possible and that when I truly believe in myself, anything can happen.

-Beth A. 

My body and I became friends again.

-Acacia, Climber, Acrobat, and Entomologist

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